Our Mission

The mission of the Philipson Foundation is to champion the preservation of public lands and inspire environmental stewardship through the transformative power of art by providing grants, fostering artist residencies, and promoting education and advocacy that engage communities, celebrate nature's beauty, and nurture a sustainable future for generations to come.

Founded to bridge the gap between art and environmental  stewardship, we recognize the power of creative expression to inspire change and raise awareness about the importance of preserving our planet. Our organization was born out of a shared passion for nature and a belief that artists can play a vital role in fostering a greater understanding and appreciation of our natural world.

Dedicated to supporting artists and organizations provides financial grants, artist residencies, and educational opportunities that allow creative individuals to connect with the environment and engage communities in conservation efforts. By showcasing the beauty and sometimes distress of our public lands and promoting sustainable practices, we aim to create a lasting impact that transcends traditional boundaries and cultivates a more environmentally-conscious society.

Through our diverse range of programs and collaborative initiatives, the Philipson Foundation has emerged as a driving force in the intersection of art and environmental stewardship. We remain committed to nurturing a sustainable future for generations, empowering artists and communities to join us in celebrating and protecting the natural world we all cherish.

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